Aloha H3 Mismanagement:


Grand Master (GM): All You Need is Head

Religious Advisor (RA): Scuba Deuce & Cadbury

Hash Cash: Bloody Mary

Beermister & Brew Crew: Burning Ring of Fire

Chip Monk: Yut Yut in the Butt & Hole in 9 

Song Mistress: Creeping Beauty 

Hare Raiser: Laa-Laa

Habadasher: Gaylick

Hash Flash: Tummy Sticks

Webmaster: Humpty Pee Dumpty/HAZ

Pau Hana Hiu Queen: Maamwich

Hash Announcements: Thigh Master

Hash Trash: VACANT

Ticket Tits/Butt: VACANT

Hash Ministers

Perform weddings (legal in the State of Hawaii), christenings, house blessings, memorial services, etc.

Thighmaster, Parentis Interruptus & Equal Groping Opportunity


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